WHY CAPTURES ? ... well, it might seem quite curious, but that's simply what happened. It was the 1995 and, perhaps because my past experience as a Petroleum Engineer conducting surveys in the deep layers of the underground, I started at a certain point to cultivate an authentic passion for fossils. It happened that one day I've got literally fulminated by the enormous beauty of quite a spectacular specimen of "Orthoceras & Anarcestes" dating back to lower Devonian, that is something in the between 350 and 250 millions of years ago. What I' ve got most impressed of, were not the very respectable dimensions of the single fossils but rather the stunning preservation with which time "captured" and then returned a so splendid product of the Nature. Since then those fossils remained in my head, simply, as "CAPTURES". Initially as an hobby, soon after as a genuine passion, in 1996 I also started to produce very special mosaics, giving form to decorative panels, lighting systems, day-life design objects. This activity, yes I know that it might sound a bit funny, was conducted, at least at the beginning, under the stage name of CAPTURES. 

Picture above: spectacular specimen of Orthoceras and Anarcestes, from the fossiliferous resorvoir of Erfoud-Morocco,  belonging to the class of Cephalopodes of Paleozoic age ( between lower Devonian and upper Permian, i.e. between 350 and 250 millions of years ago ).

Mighty specimens of Nautiloids with orthoconic shell structure, spiraled, subcilindric, with central syphon and lateral ribs fine web.

Elegant specimens of primitive Goniatites, with subventral syphon, sectioned reverted rings and sinusoidal sutured lines.

Specimen characteristics :
- Dimensions : 135cm wide X 80cm high
- Weight : 100kg approx
- Orthoceras : n. 10, up to 70cm length
- Anarcestes : n. 15, up to 17 cm diameter

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